The Wilmington Police Department and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office are partnering with the University of North Carolina - Wilmington to conduct a series of community dialogue circles throughout New Hanover County.

These moderated discussions are aimed at providing a forum to allow officers and citizens to come together and discuss issues of mutual relevance. The purpose of this initiative is to build relationships, trust, and understanding and with citizens from specific communities and the law enforcement officers who serve them.
Professors, Dr. Thomas Barth and Dr. Bruce McKinney of UNCW, have taken the lead on overseeing this community project. Co-facilitators representing the community and law enforcement will help in leading discussions. The initiative was created in partnership with several local organizations including the local NAACP, LINC Inc., the OOPS Foundation and a number of other community groups.

Once the discussions are completed, Barth and McKinney will survey group members to measure the results of the discussions. These results will be shared with the public.

About twenty dialogue circles are slated for the next few months in neighborhoods near you.


Fill out the below form and please include which date & location you would like to attend.


1. Apple Valley/ Walnut Hills

2. BADCO - Brooklyn Area District Community - 5th & Red Cross

3. Kings Grant & Spring View

4. Hillcrest

5. Village at Greenfield

6. The Bottom - 8th and Orange - 14th & Dock

7. Monterey Heights

8. Sunset Park

9. Greentree Apartments

10. Houston Moore

11. College Acres Drive

12. Parkwood Estates & Alimosa Place

13. Westchester

14. Love Grove

15. Longleaf Park

16. Tidewater Homes, Manly, Maides Park, Princess Place

17. Hanover Heights

18. Creekwood

19. Castle St. - Wooster to Church St, 3rd Street - 17th St.

20. Carolina Heights

21. Market North includes Frog Pond, & the Reserve at Forrest Hill

22. Taylor Homes - Nixon St. Red Cross, 5th Street Corridor, 

New Hanover County Sheriff Office and Wilmington Police to host Community Dialogue Discussions

Dates  to be determined. Please check back shortly for updates.